Our Story

We are two women on a mission; to help parents and children seek mindfulness and lead a more joyful existence from day one. Yoga for every body.
It is our belief that beautiful things can grow from the harshest climates. When my daughter Vivian’s father passed away just a month after her 3rd birthday I started seeking help, any help, I could find to help mend our hearts.

We saw a therapist weekly and started to dive into the idea that yoga and mindfulness techniques could positively impact her (and her mama’s) ability to cope and to heal.
Challenge accepted

Yoga is the ability to focus the mind on a single point

Yoga helped us to quiet our mind, observe our feelings without judgement, listen to our breath and bodies and discover we had all the tools inside of us to find peace.

Heather was my rock every step of the way and we started to dream: “What if all children could learn these lifelong skills from the time they could walk?”

Challenge accepted.

It is our absolute mission to help other parents discover the same tools for their babies. Our yoga products and mindfulness kits are a fun and engaging way to expand while also quieting the noise. We hope you discover something for yourself too along the way.
With Love,

Ellie & Heather